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  • Encore des barges de Finlandais.....

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  • Enclosed

    I can hear their laughter
    Whistling in the wind
    This is my punishment
    The price of my betrayal
    I can feel their hate
    Floating in the air
    I can see their faces
    I can feel their fear
    Death can't be a refuge
    This is the sad privilege
    I have inherited
    For ever

    Why can't I move
    Everything's confused
    How did I get here
    Strange I feel no fear
    My body's floating
    The earch is moving
    Oh set me free
    Please forgive me
    Come to me
    My sweet angel
    I will set you free
    And i'm falling apart

    Soon you will rest forever in me
    Can't you see I'm falling apart
    You will lay under sycamore leaves
    Come I wish to die 

    I'll bring you to the kingdom you you seek

    In your last moment of reason
    I can see you smile
    Maybe you will know the peace
    You always tried to find
    I thought a Fallen love
    Would be enough for you
    But you wanted more
    Much more
    You will never satisfy
    Your craving for vengeance
    Neither will I
    It hurts deep inside
    In my agony
    I see my enemies
    They will be the keepers
    Of my final destiny
    This is the end of the play
    Look around you
    What do you see
    Your quest has made you blind
    And you have lost everything
    Some will know this story
    But don't expect compassion
    Don't expect emotion 

    I have only death to offer
    To spare her suffering
    To prevent her madness
    From killing her slowly
    Forgive me my love
    For this last deed
    This is the only thing
    I can give you

    So the angels have foreseen
    Your quest has made you


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  • Ouai je sais que vous allez me dire que c'est retro et tout et tout....n'empèche j'en ai entendu deux récement : school et crime of the century.....ils avaient du talent.


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  • Wormwood

    "... The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and in the fountains of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became Wormwood, and many died of the water, because it was made bitter... "

    I can see God's unborn son
    Playing with a loaded gun
    All our sins...
    He'll die for us...
    Or did somebody lie to us ?
    I can see the shape of God
    Drowning in a pool of blood
    A mighty choir of ancient generations sings
    Behold ! The hand of death
    Squeezing out earth's final breath
    The stars are falling from the sky
    And I know why

    See God and his hand of death
    Squeezing out earth's final breath
    How did it all come to this ?
    Brought to us by Judas kiss ?
    I watch the sun go out
    I've lived to see the end

    As I watch the sun go out
    My loss of faith replaced by doubt
    All our sins...
    He'll die for us...
    Or did somebody lie to us ?
    Let us pour one final drink

    Fill the glasses to the rim
    The world's on fire
    I still can hear the choir sing
    Behold ! Your nightmares are fulfilled
    God just got his final will
    The world stops spinning
    And death is all around...

    Join this toast
    God is dead...


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